Scatolificio Cartotecnica Giorgi

Since more than 30 year
we give shape to your ideas

We match the industrial efficiency with the prestige of handmade products in order to realize customized packaging for your creations.

Quality, efficiency and celerity

We manage in our facility the whole production cycle: design, printing, making and shipping in order to assure the best quality in a short time.

Continuous innovation

Customer satisfaction is our first target: we always invest in brand new equipment in order to provide a high-quality courtesy to our clients

production lines

that allow shipping out quickly also considerable commissions.

sqm facility

in order to assure the best efficiency also from the logistic point of view.

boxes per day

in order to satisfy every need of our customers.

Boxes that take care give value and tell the story of your creations.

Every sector has its requirement also in the packaging field.

We are skilled in the production of boxes for:


We perfectly know that the box is much more than a simple case: it contains your creations for this reason it must always be worthy of its role. It must give them the right value and safeguard them in the same time.
We design and develop every box paying attention to details both from the aesthetical both from the functional point of view: inlay, shape materials.
Every detail of our boxes is conceived to embrace perfectly the object contained inside.