Our technology at your disposal.

In our factory, we manage the whole production cycle of the boxes: prototyping, printing, conditioning and delivery all over the world by guaranteeing the best quality, organization and celerity.

Graphical design

We give shape to your box

It all starts in our design department where our graphics let your ideas came a packaging which could represent your brand identity and give value to your products.

With our innovative software, we manage the whole conception process; the aesthetics of the box or the shopping bag, the selection of materials and finally the sampling.

Die cutting and printing

We manage every production phase

We manage internally processes of die cutting and printing. We dispose of state of the art technologies that we dispose such as uv, hot foil stamping, embossing, debossing and many others.

We realize charming solutions for every sector, quantity and budget always focusing on the best quality.

Packing and labelling

We make your products ready for sale

Our job is not only based on the production of boxes and shopping bags but we can also pack your products, label them, apply barcode, wrapping and follow up all the packing process.


we ship the boxes all over the world

Thanks to our vehicles and to many logistic partners we are able to provide our customers a fast daily service.
Moreover, thanks to the cooperation with many partners in the logistic department we ship boxes all over the world in a short time and with the best care.

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